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Marhaban Ya Ramadhan
21 August 2009

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Mount Salak Panorama
17 June 2009

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Mimosa Pudica
6 June 2009

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Sleepy Cat
1 June 2009

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Remember Allah
22 May 2009

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Cannon (alike)
29 April 2009

Recent Comments

dyna on Graha Widya Wisuda
i passed this place for thousands of time but this sight is the looks better than my own perception..:D ...

Pierre on Marhaban Ya Ramadhan
Very nice

Onlymehdi on Marhaban Ya Ramadhan
very nice i think i am kinda back to look at these beautiful photos. thank you for your support. will soon make my ...

K.B.R on Marhaban Ya Ramadhan
inchAllah Ramadhan moubarak.

Pierre on Kodak ColorPlus 200
Nice idea , great job

Onlymehdi on Kodak ColorPlus 200
Cool sho

DaveB on Little Musholla
Great lighting in this one

Onlymehdi on Little Musholla
Very Nice

Pierre on Sweet Purple Sky
Amazing color ! no post treatment ?

tyupox on Graha Widya Wisuda
this is not only a great pict... the moment u got there very precious... remember me that day ayo ka...segera ...

firdaus usman on Silent Road
it was same one with previous post mr pedro :)

pedro alexandre on Silent Road
its a diferent road, the ones we see here, and we complain.

pedro alexandre on Morning Glory
yes the light is everything.

rajeev on Mount Salak Panorama
very good shot and landscape !!!

MiNe on Three Little Flower
So beautiful. Great tones!!!

Shiva on Hill - Miniature
Whoa.. pakai handphone pun gambar cam dslr wak? Terrer kau ni. Syabas.

Onlymehdi on Hill - Miniature
Great shot

Giovanni on Hill - Miniature
Very creative processing here! Love the tiltshift and the tones!

galihsatria on Hill - Miniature
Yang bagian bawah sengaja di blur ya?

DaveB on Mimosa Pudica
Interesting colours in this one, nice shot

rajeev on Mimosa Pudica
really nice shot!!

Onlymehdi on Mimosa Pudica
Very Nice

Craig on Mimosa Pudica
I like the selective focus!

GJC on Road of Field Lab Cikabayan
An interesting composition.

GJC on Mimosa Pudica
I like how the color radiates from the image. Very lovely colors.

Craig on Grasshopper
Oh nice one!

Onlymehdi on Grasshopper

Onlymehdi on HoneyBee
Very nice

Irene on Sleeping Bad Cat
Lovely cat! Good shot.

LauraS on Sleeping Bad Cat
This kitty looks like he has a rough life.

Bethany on Sleeping Bad Cat
Nice shot. Poor thing is probably just hungry...

Onlymehdi on Sleeping Bad Cat

rajeev on Banana Rice
nice landscape

Onlymehdi on Sleepy Cat
Great shot

Fliss on Sleepy Cat
Oh he is so sweet...

Sophie Asselin on Sleepy Cat
Nice photograph ! I like the contrast and the black and white. Beautiful cat :)

Amit Basu Photography on Remember Allah
nice. moody.

Pedro Callealta on Morning Glory
ese contraluz es espectacular

Xavier on Hap, Nyam-nyam
Excellent composition, a story in this one !

Onlymehdi on Hap, Nyam-nyam
Great moment

Fliss on Silent Road

Fliss on The Boys
Looks like alot of fun :)

Fliss on Banana Rice
This is still a nice one... I would love to go driving amoung rice fields etc taking photos... I would love to take ...

Fliss on Banana and Windmill
This is gorgeous...

Fliss on Boys..
Haha... love this one...

chandan on Remember Allah
Nice shot.... The pic really tells a story by itself...

DaveB on Boys..
Lovely B&W shot, well done

DaveB on Remember Allah
Great B&W shot, lovely moody tones

MiNe on Stone Breaker
beautiful black and white photography..

One on Remember Allah
A superb composition ! Beautiful light and excellent performance in black and white !

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